Nefertiti by Michelle Moran

Title : Nefertiti

Author : Michelle Moran

Context : Nefertiti is a historical fiction novel set in ancient Egypt. The story is about Nefertiti and Mutnodjmet her smaller sister. Both have grown up in a powerful family which has arranged wives since centuries for the Egyptian rulers. The novel Nefertiti brings to life, Egypt in vivid detail and teems it up with political unrest, love, plague, betrayal as well as religious conflict.

Synopsis : Nefertiti is a beautiful, charismatic and highly ambitious woman whose is bound to get married to a young and unstable pharaoh named Amunhotep. This young pharaoh had a dissident desire to abandon the ancient Gods of Egypt. With his marriage to the young Nefertiti it is hoped that this desire of his would get tempered.

Right from the time Nefertiti comes to Thebes, her citizens shower their love on her, but she is unaware of the fact that a plot is being made by the power priests against their ruler, her husband Amunhotep. It’s Mutnodjmet, her younger sister who senses this and takes the brave step to warn her sister, Queen Nefertiti.

The reflective and observant, Mutnodjmet has never shared with anyone that her sister Nefertiti was desirous of power. Mutnodjmet wants to get away from duties towards the family, the plotting and planning of the court and looks forward towards a quiet existence. She is aware of one thing that being loyal to her sister will end her up in a dangerous game in politics. This would be a terrible game costing her everything she is close to her.

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