Of white hairs and cricket

Of White Hairs and Cricket” is a short story by Rohinton Mistry that explores themes of aging, mortality, and the passing of time. The story centers around an elderly man named Lenny, who is reminiscing about his past as he watches a cricket match in a park.

Throughout the story, Mistry uses the metaphor of the cricket match to symbolize the passing of time and the inevitability of death. Lenny reflects on his own mortality and the fact that, like the cricket players, he too is in the “autumn” of his life. He also reflects on the passing of his wife, who he realizes he will never see again.

Mistry also explores the theme of the relationship between the elderly and the young. Lenny is initially annoyed by the noisy cricket match and the young players, but he eventually comes to appreciate their energy and enthusiasm. This shift in perspective reflects his realization that, despite his age, he still has the ability to appreciate life and enjoy the moment.

Overall, “Of White Hairs and Cricket” is a poignant and beautifully written exploration of the human experience of aging and mortality. Mistry’s use of metaphor and symbolism effectively conveys the universal nature of these themes, making the story relatable to readers of all ages.

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