Om Swami

Author: Om Swami

Profile: Om Swami is a author of fifteen books and is a monk. His books are best-sellers including A Million Thoughts, If Truth Be Told: A Monk’s Memoir, Kundalini: An Untold Story, The Wellness Sense and A Million Thoughts. Om Swami was born in Patiala, North India and completed his education with a Masters in Business Administration at University of Technology, Sydney in the year 2002 and with a Bachelor of Business degree at Western Sydney University in 2000.

According to Om Swami, if a person’s own thoughts cannot provoke him then there is nothing external that can provide that person either. An internal thought is triggered by each and every external occurrence which could alter the state of the mind. A thought can become powerless, only if the person becomes just a spectator and does not become the adopter or reactor of the external occurrence and the thought.

Right from an early age, Om Swami showed deep inclination towards spirituality. He has studies a range of astrological texts and Vedic texts, after which he became a professional astrologer eventually during his teenage years itself. He quit his job in a weekly business newspaper as a part-time editor and left for Australia to pursue tertiary education. Later on he acquired citizenship in Australia. He began a software business there with a further expansion of its operations to UK, India, USA and Canada over the following six years. After working also with a number of companies he moved back to India and acquired a company related to healthcare.

Om Swami renounced his material wealth on 15th March 2010 and quietly left for his path towards spiritualism. He went to Kashi and began the path of renunciation by a Naga saint in a small village close to Varanasi. He left for the Himalayas four and a half months later to be in complete solitude and isolation to indulge in intense meditation. During his intense meditation practice he has meditated each day for 22 hours including straight 10 hour stretches.

Writing style: Om Swami’s genre is non-fiction

Published Texts:

2020 – The Big Questions of Life

2019 – The Book of Kindness: How to Make Others Happy and Be Happy Yourself

2019 – The Heart of Success

2019 – The Children of Tomorrow: A Monk’s Guide to Mindful Parenting

2019 – The Hidden Power of Gayatri Mantra

2018 – Mind Full to Mindful: Zen Wisdom from a Monk’s bowl

2017 – A fistful of Wisdom: A Monk’s light musings on life’s serious stuff

2017 – The Ancient Science of Mantras

2017 – The Last Gambit

2016 – A Million Thoughts: Learn all about meditation from the Himalayan mystic

2016 – When All is Not Well: Depression and Sadness from a Yogic Perspective

2016 – Kundalini: An Untold Story

2015 – The Wellness Sense: A Practical Guide to Your Physical and Emotional Health

2015 – A Fistful of Love: Wisdom and humor from a Monk’s bowl

2014 – If Truth Be Told: A Monk’s Memoir


Awards and Acknowledgements:

If Truth Be Told: A Monk’s Memoir was listed as number 6 in the top 10 non-fiction books in India as reported by the Financial Express