Out Stealing Horses – Per Petterson – 2003 – 50 – Norwegian

Title: Out Stealing Horses

Author: Per Petterson

Original language: Norwegian

Translation(s): 50 languages

Context: Out Stealing Horses (2003) is a translated novel by Per Petterson. Long-slumbering memories get stirred up with his encounter with Jon his only neighbor.

Synopsis: The novel is about the sixty seven year old Trond and Jon his adventurous friend and only neighbor. He and Jon both stole a ride on horses at a farm located close by. Jon’s inexplicable sorrow shrouded the adventure Jon and Trond had.

Jon would many times visit Trond at his home with an adventure plan for both of them. However one morning when he came with such a plan, things would turn out to be very different, this time.  They borrowed horses for a joy ride but the adventure ends with Jon falling into a strange trance of grief.  His friend soon comes to know the tragedy faced by Jon earlier that day. This tragic incident indicates the initiation of a series ending up with huge loses for both Trond and Jon.

The story is set in Norway’s easternmost region. Actually the novel begins with a closing. Trond lives in a lonely area in a rustic cabin. He wishes to spend the remaining years of his like in peace and quiet deliberation. Things don’t turn out good after his meeting with his only neighbor, Jon on a fateful morning in summer.

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