Effects of Pollution

Pollution of different kinds have always followed civilisation. When human beings first started using fire air pollution started. Pollution is releasing the contaminants to the environment which cause unfavourable changes. It has the ability to take the form of chemical substances and even energy, like noise, heat, light or sound. Pollutants are constituents which produce ... Read More

Advantages and Disadvantages of Quarrying

Quarrying is one of the earliest activities done for building stone and extracting metals for weapons. It is still one of the primary industries which involve extraction of rocks like limestone and slate. People often talk about the disadvantages of quarrying but there are some advantages also. Quarrying is one activity which creates jobs like ... Read More

Uses, provision and competition for water resources

Water is the most abundant resource in the earth but the fact is that only one percent of the total supply is reliable and available for human consumption. Human beings need water for survival but the water related diseases are the most common health threat to the developing world. Human existence depends solely on water ... Read More

Boons and Banes of Tourism

Tourism is one of the most popular industries in world and it is not only the act of travel for recreation but also the provision of services for this act. This is one industry which will occupy local services like entertainment, catering, accommodation etc. But the belief that tourism brings in benefits alone is a ... Read More

Distribution and Location of Tech Industries

For any high technology to prosper they should have the ability to recruit and sustain highly skilled research scientist, technicians and engineers. The respective governments and its departments should provide the necessary support infrastructure like material training institute and laboratories. The total environment should be attractive and should have good climate, landscape, services and housing ... Read More

Primary, secondary and tertiary industries

Primary industries are industries which produce raw materials like wool, wheat and similar products and make use of the natural resources like minerals and forests. It involves the extraction of raw materials from the Earth. It results in raw materials and basic foods like coal, iron, wood and corn. The type of workers in this ... Read More
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