Pan Tadeusz – Adam Mickiewicz – 1834 – 34 – Polish

Title: Pan Tadeusz

Author: Adam Mickiewicz

Original language: Polish

Translation(s): 34 languages

Context: Pan Tadeusz (1834) is a translated novel by Adam Mickiewicz. This translated novel is a classic story of mistaken identity, war, mystery and patriotism.

Synopsis: It is an epic story about life in the countryside among Lithuanian and Polish well-bred, genteel and well-born social class of people during the years 1811-1812. Typical elements of a historical and romantic novel are contained in this plot. The story is about a conflict between two ancient families, action dominated by an unknown figure, a love story crossed by the conflict and various subordinate and eccentric characters presented in the most humorous way. The way of life, sentiments and ideals of the entire nation are embodied by the characters to the scenes, the life and Poles of all generations. In European literature, this novel is termed to be the greatest and last epic poem. The story of patriotism, mistaken identity and mystery has been set during the time before Russia was invaded by Napoleon.

The events take place in 1811 over a period of 5 days and in 1812 for 2 days when the division of Poland-Lithuania was made between the armies of Austria, Prussia and Russia and then erased from Europe’s political map. A satellite Duchy of Warsaw was established by Napoleon in 1807 in the Prussian partition till the Congress of Vienna held in the fall-out of his defeat.

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