Paradise of the Blind


Huong, Duong Thu


Huong, Duong Thu is a political dissident and author from Vietnam.  She was a member of the Vietnam’s Communist party but in 1989, she was expelled from the party. Since then she has been denied the right to travel overseas. She was born in 1947 in Thai Binh Province, Vietnam.


The story is about a protagonist Hang, her train journey to Moscow to visit Chinh, her uncle. Through flashbacks she recollects different stories about her family, significant childhood events and life. She comes to a realization that in the effort of resolving familial duty, her family leads a miserable life and this shouldn’t have been her fate. She longs to be Japanese when she sees a group of Japanese students appearing free, laughing loudly and looking happy. She believes that the Japanese race does not have to carry the same burdens as her race. She makes a resolution to be happy now as there is no point in fulfilling duties to her own mother who is keen in helping out her corrupt son and in the process sacrifices her own daughter. In the effort she searches for her true identity.

Paradise of the Blind