Parts of Speech – Adjectives


Parts of Speech: Adjectives describe the qualities of a noun and sometimes the state of being of the nouns. Sometimes adjectives describe the quantity. Adjectives modify nouns. Some examples of adjectives are silly, fat, enormous, white, many, and nine. Adjectives are used to give more details about the noun and any beauty of the written or spoken word is enhanced with adjectives as they are describing words. Some adjectives can be graded like ‘very expensive or less expensive’. There are three degrees of comparison of adjectives and they are positive, comparative and superlative.

Practise Exercises

Use “some, many, any, a little, a few, much, a lot ” as required

  1. The new born baby doesn’t have _________ hair on his head.
  2. We need __________ milk for the pudding.
  3. He spent ______ dollars for the raincoat.
  4. Is there ______ milk left in the bottle?
  5. We did not have ___________ of free time today.
  6. They played with _______ animals in the zoo.
  7. I take ________ sugar with my tea.
  8. Do you know _____ of these dancers?
  9. We don’t have _________ apples trees in our farm.
  10. You have__________ to finish the work.

Use “little or less” as required

  1. They had _______ interest in western music.
  2. We need ___________ chairs in this room.
  3. Tonight I ate __________ than last night
  4. This work will take __________ time to finish than that one.
  5. The people had _________ faith in the law.


Use “little or few” as required

  1. There is _____________ point in calling the mason; he can do nothing about it.
  2. ____________ singers alone could reach that high note.
  3. There is ___________ space in the car.
  4. There is very __________ I can do about it.
  5. Very _________ people agree with my decision.

Use the correct degree of comparison

  1. I think Nadal is the ________ (good) tennis player in Spain.
  2. He is ___________ ( smart) than his brother.
  3. Sheela is _________ (funny) than me.
  4. This car is ______________ (comfortable) than yours.
  5. Ram is the __________ (rich) man in town.
  6. Pigs are ________________ intelligent than elephants.
  7. Turtles are ______________ (slow)
  8. Cats are the ______________ (popular) as pets.
  9. She is ____________ (taller) than her sister.
  10. I have the __________ (big) car in town.
  11. A blue whale is ____________ (heavy) than twenty-five elephants.
  12. You look very __________ ( thin)
  13. Peter is the __________(nice) person I know.
  14. Electric cars are ______ (slow) than petrol cars.
  15. Which is the ________(good) film you saw this year?
  16. Computers are ___________ (costly) than mobile phones.
  17. My brother is the ________ (tall) in the class.
  18. I think Spanish is ______________ (easy).
  19. Plastics bottles are ___________(bad) than glass bottles.
  20. Some sharks are the ___________ (dangerous).

Correct the sentences

  1. This film is the more serious film I have ever seen.
  2. He is short than his brother.
  3. There were more expensive clothes in the shop.
  4. Today is the good day of the year.
  5. Smith is funny than me.
  6. That lake is the larger than the sea.
  7. William is the rich man in town.
  8. Comedians were the lively actors of the play.
  9. Health is more important.

Steven Spielberg is the good director world has seen.