Parts of Speech Preposition


Parts of Speech Preposition: Preposition is a connecting word which shows a relation between noun or pronoun with another word in a sentence. In the sentence, ‘The clock is on the wall’, the preposition, ‘on’ shows the relationship between the clock and the wall.Sometimes the noun or the pronoun that follows a preposition is called an object. A preposition can have more than one object as in ‘ The helicopter flew over houses and rivers.’ Prepositions are used to express many relationships like purpose, condition, state, time, manner, quantity, location, and means. Also most prepositions have multiple uses.

Practice Exercises

Underline the preposition and indicate their object

  1. I spoke with him three days before
  2. Traveling in the Bullet Train is a new experience.
  3. I stared at the dog.
  4. I walked over to my neighbor.
  5. My dog jumped over the wall and ran away.
  6. From here, I will go to the park.
  7. Look at the sunset.
  8. The van screeched to a halt.
  9. We organised a magic show on the terrace.
  10. They reached the venue at 6.00 p.m.
  11. The village beyond the hill is known for its cheese.
  12. I would like to eat biryani in Pakistan.
  13. The mountain train chugged into the station slowly.

Fill in the blanks with appropriate preposition. Put a ‘x’if a preposition is not required

  1. I left _______ at 10. a.m
  2. Paul’s birthday is _______ May.
  3. Put the apples _______ the basket.
  4. Let them climb _______ the hill.
  5. The train will leave _______ an hour.
  6. Bears hibernate _______ winter.
  7. I will return the car_______he evening.
  8. Did you get back _______ the book?
  9. My bike is _______ the station.
  10. The monkeys are _______portico.
  11. The work was completed _______last month.
  12. The picture is _______ the wall _______ the bedroom.
  13. He had fever, so he stayed _______ in bed.
  14. She will return _______next Monday.
  15. The diamond earring was given to her a couple of months ago _______ her birthday.

Replace the incorrect prepositions with the correct ones wherever necessary and rewrite.

  1. They are very interested with gardening.
  2. We must reach the venue since 8.a.m.
  3. We must stay here till sunset.
  4. Beth is married with my cousin.
  5. These are different from those.
  6. The plane will take off at 3 p.m.
  7. The coach was waiting for him in the station.
  8. That bag is made from jute.
  9. Take care of your health.
  10. The Chinese tried to eat the rice by a fork.
  11. We had a wonderful drive from Delhi for Shimla.
  12. They will be staying at Germany for two months.
  13. We must start early in order to reach at time.
  14. The house was completely destroyed in fire.
  15. Sam will sit in the desk and do his work.

Rewrite these sentences by inserting the prepositions in the correct places.

  1. The dog ran the kitten.
  2. As it started raining the children ran the classroom.
  3. The train was running five hours schedule.
  4. The passengers of that bus were danger.
  5. They believe what he says.
  6. Pour the milk the vessel.
  7. If you do not have a breathing apparatus you must keep your head the surface of water.