Paul Verlaine

Paul Verlaine

Author: Paul Verlaine

Profile: Paul Verlaine was a French poet. He was associated with the Decadent Movement and the Symbolist Movement. In French and international poetry, Paul is considered to be one of the greatest representatives of the fin de siècle. He was born in Metz, France and died in Paris, France. Mathilde Maute de Fleurville has been his spouse.

He completed his education at the Lycee Imperial Bonaparte in Paris and then took up a post in the civil service. At a very young age, Paul started writing poetry and was influenced by the Parnassien Movement and Leconte de Lisle, its leader. ‘La Revue du progress’, is Paul’s first poem published in the year 1863. Paul  visited the salon of Marquise de Ricard located at 10 Boulevard des Batignolles and many other social venues, very frequently where he came in contact with a number of well known artistic figures including Villiers de I’Isle-Adam – the cynical antibourgeois idealist, Charles Cros – the humorist and inventor-poet, Francois Coppee, Theodore de Banville, Jose-Maria de Heredia and many others.


Writing style: Paul Verlaine’s genre includes Symbolist and Decadent.

Published Texts:

Works in French (original)

1964 – Libretti for Vaucochard et FIls 1 and Fisch-Ton-Kan

1866 – Poems saturniens

1867 – Les Amies

1869 – Clair de Lune

1869 – Fetes galantes

1870 – La Bonne Chanson

1874 – Romances sans paroles

1880 – Sagesse

1884 – Les Poetes maudits

1884 – Jadis et naguere (Verlaine)

1886 – Les Memoires d’un veuf

1888 – Amour

1888 – A Louis ll de Baviere

1889 – Parallelement

1890 – Dedicaces

1890 – Femmes

1891 – Hombres

1891 – Bonheur

1891 – Mes hopitaux

1891 – Chansons pour elle

1892 – Liturgies intimes

1893 – Mes prisons

1893 – Elegies

1893 – Odes en son honneur

1894 – Dans les limbes

1894 – Epigrammes

1895 – Confessions

Works in English (Translation)

Chansons pour elle – Songs for Her & Odes in Her Honor (poetry)

Poemes saturniens – Poems Under Saturn (poetry)

Odes en son honneur – Songs for Her & Odes in Her Honor (poetry)

Romances sans paroles –Songs Without Words (poetry)

Mes hopitaux – My Hospitals & My Prisons (autobiography)

Mes prisons – My Hospitals & My Prisons (autobiography)


Awards and Acknowledgements:

The home ‘The House of Verlaine’, at his birthplace in Metz is converted to a museum dedicated to his artwork and life.


He indulged in alcoholism, drug addiction and lived in poverty in his last days however the love and support people gave helped him a lot.  After his early poetry was discovered again and people began admiring him for his strange behavior and lifestyle, he was elected Prince of Poets by his peers in France in the year 1894.

Sainte-Beuve comment’s on Paul’s work, Poemes saturniens (1866) has established him as a poet of originality and promise.