Personal Project

What Is a Personal Project?

In the IB curriculum, the Personal Project is a middle year program. When the student is in the tenth grade, a research project has to be made independently and the endeavour is a creative one. Students get the opportunity to demonstrate their ability and skills which have been studied in Approaches to Learning.

What Is Personal Project

A personal project has to be completed by the student which has to be a piece of work that is significant enough. The project has to be the very own creativity and initiative taken up by the student. A personal understanding will have to be reflected on various areas of interaction in the personal project. The approach towards learning and the skills acquired by the student are applied while making the personal project. Selection of the project which can take any kind of form has to be made by the student only. The type of project or the kind of topic to be completed is not prescribed to the students. In fact the topic selection for the project depends upon the interest of the student. Students must select something that they like. Observation and supervision of the teacher in your school will help in the project’s completion process.

What Does The Personal Project Comprise

• It is a word essay consisting of 1000 words

• The introduction contains the essential question

• Process followed by the student – which is extracted from the Personal Project Journal

• Personal statement of the student which includes project related areas of interaction.

• Finally, mentioned is the conclusion which includes the answer the student has found out for the essential question.

Things To Consider While Making The Personal Project

• Extensive research

• Advanced planning

• Personal reflection to the highest degree

• Assessment criteria is set in the IB course according to which the teachers assess the personal project.

It is on the basis of eight different criteria that are specifically used and normalized, to a scale from one to seven. If the student is able adopt effective organization, creation and completion of the project work then success can be surely attained in the project.

Different Choices For Personal

The project work can take a number of forms including:

• Creative writing

• Performance

• Original experiment in science

• Dramatics

• Art work

• Presentation of a developed organizational plan or business

• Invention

• Service and community

• Environment

• Social education

• Health

• Organizing an event

• Business plan development

• Carrying out an experiment

How To Fulfil Requirements Of The Project

The student has to:

• Record progress made and the process followed for making the project in a journal meant for the Project Work.

• Of the 5 different interaction areas, at least 3 have to be incorporated in the Personal Project. One of the areas covered has to be ‘Approaches to Learning’.

• Identify a mentor or teacher who would supervise the project work

Evaluation Of The Personal Project

For assessment, the IB standards that are being used internationally are considered for evaluating the personal project. If the project gets an evaluation of three or more than three on a scale of 1 to 7 then it is termed as successful. After the panel evaluates the project, it will be displayed at the school.

In the spring term when the student reaches 10th grade, it means that in learning, an important phase has begun. Students are introduced to the Personal Project. This project is to be completed by students following MYP or the Middle Years Program in the final year of the program. An extended period is required to complete the independent and significant piece of work. The International Baccalaureate Organization – IBO has designed the project to provide students the opportunity for demonstrating skills and knowledge attained during the course of five years.

Students get a chance to focus and investigate a particular issue, topic or theme very closely which has been connected one of the five areas of interaction. While making the project, the main area of interaction is the ATL or the Approaches to Learning. This particular study area is related to the development of organizational skills, communication and skills in studying all of which have to reflect in the Personal Project.

How Is The Average Grade Calculated

Calculation of the average grade is done from the points of the MYP certificate as well as the Pmin or the points as the minimal points and the Pmax or the points as the maximum points possible.

How Does The Personal Project Benefits The Student

• The student experiences the satisfaction of being able to complete the designed project.

• They get the opportunity of engaging in a personal inquiry, by learning and exploring almost any kind of chosen topic.

• Skills like goal setting, time management, self management, organizing, communication, research, collaboration, reflecting and thinking develop.

• Students are able to showcase their very own interests and skills to teachers, peers and classmates.

• With their supervisor or mentor, they begin building up a positive relationship.

• On completing the IB MYB, successfully, a certificate is earned. On the transcript of the high school the student will be shown recognition.

• They are able to fulfil the mandatory requirement of the Personal Project for seeking admission to Grade 11 or 12 for the IDBP.

• They start understanding that it is easy to volunteer, and people appreciate even the smallest of things.

• No matter how big or small the service is, the students learn that this can make a difference and also be helpful to the community.

• They learn that they can be patient individuals and elders are nice to be with and play with.

• A lot about religion can also be learnt and that it helps in mending lives and bringing people together.

• Students begin understanding that no matter where they go, and whatever may be their culture, they continue to remain the same everywhere.

• The impact of personal mentors and teachers on the life of the student is also learnt.

• The student learns that he or she is more creative than otherwise thought.

• In fact the student learns that he or she is much more capable than what was thought.

• One of the best things to learn on completing the Personal Project is that you are part of a bigger thing.

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