Phrasal Verbs are generally used in conversation. It is used in place of a verb. The phrasal verb has a short verb and a preposition.  Thus ‘give up’ which has a verb and preposition can be used instead of ‘quit’. Phrasal verbs are used a lot by the native speakers. Sometimes phrasal verbs have two meanings. ‘Turn down’ has two meanings, to ‘reduce’ and to ‘reject’.

‘Turn down the volume of the radio’ can be read as ‘Reduce the volume of the radio.’ ‘She turned down the offer’ can be read as ‘She rejected the offer’.

Phrasal verbs that take an object can be separated by the object. “You should ‘give up’ the job” can be written as “You should give this job up”. However some phrasal verbs cannot be separated by objects. Some phrasal verbs take two prepositions as in “How can we ‘make up for’ it?”

Practise Exercises

Use appropriate phrasal verbs for the words highlighted

  1. Could you increase the volume of the radio?
  2. It’s very loud. Please decrease its volume.
  3. Will you make a decision about the trip?
  4. Why are you so stressed?
  5. They did not go to bed the whole of last night.
  6. Paul had to do his unfinished
  7. Sara had quit her job.
  8. The soldiers have accepted their new post.
  9. What can we do to reduce your stress?
  10. Let us buy something for dinner on our way back from the movie.
  11. It’s late but Joe has not arrived.
  12. The car stopped working
  13. The students refused the invitation to go for the match.
  14. His new job was occupying all his time.
  15. The children were a bit disappointed when they were not called to the stage.
  16. He was fabricating an excuse.
  17. They will compensate for the hours lost.
  18. I am reducing the intake of
  19. Let us end this party.
  20. Please make yourself happy

Use appropriate phrasal verbs in the blanks

  1. Are they still angry with us? No, they have ___________________ now.
  2. I ____________________ smoking five years ago.
  3. My daughter is really behind on her studies. She must ____________________ on them.
  4. He binges on sweets. He must ____________________ on sweets.
  5. The movie was terrible. It was a big __________________.
  6. Has he __________________ your offer?
  7. I cannot hear the speaker. Could you _________________ the volume?
  8. Don’t be upset. Try and __________________.
  9. I am sorry for all that happened. I don’t know how to ____________________ for it.
  10. Almost three hundred people _____________________ to watch the football match on the screen.
  11. _______________ to the buss, it’s ready to leave.
  12. I don’t know where the car keys are. I have to ______________ it.
  13. Can you _______________________ the light please?
  14. This is the form for Visa. Please ___________________________.
  15. This dress will look nice on you. Why don’t you ____________________?
  16. _______________ your coat.
  17. ____________________ the garbage.
  18. The firemen were able to _______________________ the fire before it any major damage.
  19. Do you __________________________ ghosts?
  20. The dinner was so bad that I ___________________________________.

State whether the phrasal verbs in these sentences are “separable or inseparable”

  1. As it was getting dark they turned on the lights.
  2. The teachers asked all the seventy students to hand in the homework on time.
  3. As the bus started to move, they got on to the bus.
  4. For better vocabulary always look up the words in a dictionary.
  5. Simbagrew up with other animals.
  6. At 5 in the morning we checked in at the hotel.
  7. They took a vow that they would give up
  8. Gordanasked Sarah out.
  9. We mixed up all the toys.
  10. The nuns looked after the orphans.