Before appearing for the exams students will need to keep in mind a few important tips that will prove to be helpful to them.
Get Enough Sleep
The night before appearing the exam, you need to have adequate sleep of 6 to 7 hours at least. It is normal to feel tensed before the exam, but still ensure that you get that quota of sleep.
Have A Fiber Enriched Breakfast
On the day of the exam, make sure that your breakfast is fiber enriched. A power-shake containing honey, almonds, raisins and milk can be had at breakfast time before going for the exam. This will help in making a difference to your concentration levels.
Refrain From Excessive Smoking Or Caffeine
If smoking too much or consuming coffee frequently is a habit for you then take a break from this, at least during the exams. If you cannot resist then you can indulge once in five hours, otherwise it can affect concentrating in the exams.
Try Out A Mock Exam
Sit for the entire duration as you would in the final exam, while appearing for the mock exam at home. You will be able to face the challenging task of sitting all through the hours during the final examination.
Be Comfortable
Wearing comfortable shoes and outfits is very important so that there is no irritation or discomfort felt while appearing the exams.
Use Ear Plugs If Allowed
If the site where you are going to appear the exam is a noisy one, then this could disturb you. Hence you could take a pair of plugs while appearing for the exam. However, you will also need to know whether this is allowed in the examination hall.
Visiting The Exam Site
Before the final exam day, you must visit the exam site. In certain cases the exam centre is located at distant destination which could consume a lot of time in commuting. You will need to know the amount of time you need to commute to the exam centre, and also know its exact location. Besides this, you get a bit familiar with the place and will feel comfortable on the exam day
Check Your Seating Arrangement At The Centre
The seating arrangement is generally put up on the notice board at the exam centre. There is nothing wrong in ensuring whether the seat number is put in the notice board list. At some of the centers, students are also allowed to see exact location of the seat as well.
Avoid Going Out As Far As Possible
You need to know that you have to be physically fit for the exams. Avoid eating outside food which could upset your stomach and make it difficult to appear the exams. Also since you need to write, you should avoid getting hurt or injured etc especially on the fingers which will make writing difficult.
If a few things are borne in mind before the exams, it is possible for any student to appear the exams in a relaxed and tension free condition on the final day.