Quo vadis – Henryk Sienkiewicz – 1895 – 61 – Polish

Title: Quo vadis

Author: Henryk Sienkiewicz

Original language: Polish

Translation(s): 61 languages



Other works by the Author:

Quo Vadis (1895) is a translated novel by Henryk Sienkiewicz. The story set during A.D. 54-68, a turning point in history, is about ancient Rome, with a glorious saga unfolding right from summer retreats to banquet halls in Naples, from the Forum to the Coliseum, to the hovels of the poor to luxurious homes of the royal and rich. The novel presents a time and place still captivating to imagination to the modern day times. This translated novel restores the original richness and glory of the epic tale of Henryk Sienkiewicz, a master storyteller. This was the era when immortality and corruption was replaced by Christianity. It marked the era of Nero’s Rome with some of the most captivating characters.

One of the characters is a proud centurion named Vinicius, who falls in love with a young mysterious, elusive beauty named Ligia who disappears the same night they meet. Since she is a Christian (who suffers great persecution and in the hedonistic Rome) he does not win her love easily.

The other character is the comical courtier, elegant and uncle of Vinicius who scoffs at religion and love. However he finds Vinicius’s passion endearing. The next character is a totalitarian Emperor, the enemy of all Christians named Neo who thrusts Rome deeper into pervasion and corruption. While gladiators fight towards death, Nero’s echoing laughter is heard in the amphitheater. For the young lovers, Vinicius and Ligia, time seems to be running out as Neros awful plans for the Christians become much clearer. Before it gets too, Vinicius has to understand the true meaning of the religion Ligia follows.


The Trilogy

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  • 1886 – The Deluge
  • 1888 – Sir Michael

1891 – Without Dogma

1894 – The Polaniecki Family

1900 – The Teutonic Knights

1906 – On the Field of Glory

1910 – Whirlpool

1912 – In Desert and Wilderness


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1894 – Lillian Morris and other stories

1897 – Hania and other stories

1897 – Let Us Follow Him and other stories

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1899 – In Vain

1904 – Life and Death and other legends and stories

So Runs the World (A story, criticism and two short dramas)

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