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Reasons for the hostility between Israel and Palestine

Reasons For Tension Between Israel And Palestine

There have been conflicts between the Arabs and Jews for around sixty years, dating back to the year 1948. As of now it is considered that the dehumanization process is over and is mutual distrust. It is the belief of many that relations between Palestinians and Israelis have become worse since the past few years as there is no contact on daily basis between them. Both are isolated parties and are flourishing in an unchallenged way with the Palestinian becoming a terrorist who is rather ruthless and the Israeli a soldier on rampage or a rabid settler.

Explosive Conflict

On this planet, there couldn’t be a situation in politics that is as explosive as the conflict between the Palestinian and the Israelis. However it has not been able to get coverage in a balanced way. Israel has been depicted by the Pro-Israeli groups and media as a victim who is innocent while Palestinians are termed as aggressors who are rather heartless and threaten civilians who are innocent. In fact the Israelis are portrayed badly by the Pro-Palestinian groups and media and in turn have their own cause glorified. In the media in the Western countries, it is rare to find balanced stories of the conflict between Palestine and Israel which is always highly charged.

Powerful Factions From Both Sides

In both sides there have been powerful factions who have played a crucial role in fostering a climate that has been highly tense. The powerful factions also support a cycle entrenched with violence and hatred. A large number of groups have helped the Palestinians and the Israelis to recognize the common interests and the humanity they shared. It has been seen that the desire to keep moving beyond the conflicts has been growing in way that it creates something new and thus getting the support of everyone involved.

Examination By Psychologists

The state of mind of the Israelis and the Palestinians that lead to actions that are so heinous, especially in Gaza have been examined by a number of psychologists. It has been reported and published in some of the newspapers in Israel about misconduct adopted by soldiers in Israel during the offensive in Gaza. When some of the soldiers from Israel were deployed in Gaza, they carried out some deeds that were completely loathsome. These heinous deeds included the murder of civilians from Palestine in cold blood.

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One of the squad leaders was not even able to describe how much troubled he felt after seen the loathsome deed. He actually stated that the lives of the Palestinian civilians did not seem as important as the life of the soldiers. This kind of a tendency has been termed as dehumanization of pseudo-speciation, which is considered as, as old at the Bible. In fact these tendencies have enabled both the Jews as well as the Arabs to behave in a way that it would be almost impossible if the victims who suffered the loathsome acts were acknowledged to be human beings. It has been studied that if the conflict is more protracted then the chances of it occurring will also increase.

Sermons At Mosques

Many of the Israeli soldiers have given accounts about the sermons given in mosques during Fridays. The sermons state that they have descended from monkeys and pigs. In the narrative of the militant Islamists, the soldiers have been dehumanized completely. The dark side of the heart of the Israeli soldiers has been explored by a number of organizations.

While the soldiers are on duty on territories of Palestine, they have had to face a lot of brutal behaviour as well, on many occasions. There have been a lot of tales related to vandalism spread everywhere out of which in many cases civilians were killed without any reason. War stories have been consistent in Palestine and Israel. The situation is extremely difficult as it is considered that each and everyone is only an enemy and the notion is that every person can become a legitimate target.

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Unprovoked Killings

One of the Gaza incidents reported is of a woman and her two kids being killed along with an old woman. If the person identified was a Palestinian, then he or she would be immediately killed, even if they did not pose a threat of any kind. In the recent years, it is believed that the rancor between the Palestinians and the Israelis had become much worse. No longer do the two sides keep day to day contact with each other.

Notorious Presentations In Television Programs

In some of the programs for children on television there has been a notorious presentation of animal characters in squeaky voices that foment so much of hatred towards Israel, that they are martyred in a very cruel manner by the Jewish people who are very vengeful. This is kind of climate is increasing the tension between the Palestinians and the Israelis. These attitudes have already been strongly formed and to have these attitudes changed, is simply difficult.

Despite this, there is mention that many of the indoctrination methods and shows on television in Gaza are completely superfluous. It is on the ground itself that most of the children in Palestine have this vengeful attitude developed. Many of the children in Gaza do not feel safe during the war times. Hence it is difficult for the children too, to perceive the Israelis as good.

Religion Has Not Played A Positive Role

To reduce the tensions between Palestine and Israel it has not been possible for organized religion to do much. In fact this has worsened the deadly situation thus increasing the wedges between the Jews and the Muslims and denying and ignoring that both are humans. In the Middle East, the key factor is religion, but it has not been able to play a positive role as required.

It is predicted that if the cycle of tension and violence will not end, the hatred between both will keep deepening, the conflict will keep grinding on and the death roll will climb higher and higher relentlessly. In fact, Israelis and Palestinians of the next generation will be more extremist and fundamentalist.