Robinson Crusoe

Robinson Crusoe

Robinson Crusoe


Defoe, Daniel


Defoe, Daniel was an English writer, trader, spy, pamphleteer and journalist. He was born on 13th September 1660 in London, United Kingdom. He died on 24th April 1731 in London, United Kingdom.


Robinson Crusoe, a novel second in popularity to the Bible is about the adventures of a man who loses his way after a shipwreck and spends life all alone on an un-inhabited isolated island on America’s coast near the mouth of the Great River of Oroonoque, for 28 long years. All men except Robinson perish in the shipwreck. This practical man had to survive in unfriendly surroundings, tough circumstances and look for survival. He built a rude shelter, transforms raw material into necessities and salvaged some necessities from the ship and accomplishes things that are beyond basic survival. To make bread he plants grain, for milk he domesticates goats, fortifies a cave to live in with comfortable seating etc, in the process fashions an English life. As a human being Robinson becomes fully aware of his vulnerability and reflects on spiritual lessons to be learnt from events and experiences in his life. Ways of overcoming misfortune and, seeing religious meaning even in the mundane reflect in this novel.

One day he sees a footprint on the shore and realizes that there are cannibals too on the island.  He rescues the native man Friday from the cannibals and converts him into Christianity, teaches him English and becomes fatherly towards him. Crusoe and Friday also rescue Friday’s father and a Spaniard from another cannibal group. Finally a big boat filled with sailors reaches the island after which Crusoe helps settle peace on the ship between the captain and sailors after which they agree to take Crusoe home. He, along with Friday, returns to Europe, gets married and in his late years visits the island again.

Robinson Crusoe

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