Samra Habib

Author: Samra Habib

Profile: Samra Habib is a Canadian writer, photographer and activist. She is born in Pakistan to Ahmadi Muslim parents. She is popularly known for a Queer Muslim photography project named, Just Me and Allah which she launched and been a founder in the year 2014 in an effort of documenting the lives of LGBTQ Muslims.  She published her other work, We Have Always Been Here, which is a memoir of her experiences as a queer-identified Muslim woman. Penguin Random House Canada published it in 2019.

In 1991 she along with her family wanted to escape persecution and hence emigrated to Canada. She grew up in Toronto and later as a teenager was forced to get into an arranged marriage, before coming out as queer.

Just Me and Allah, her photo project has been featured in Vice, Nylon, Vanity Fair Italia, i-D and The Washington Post. Samra Habib works all over the world with a number of organizations related to LGBTQ in the effort to raise awareness of issues that have a strong impact on queer Muslims all over the globe.

Writing style: Samra Habib shares her story as a Queer in which she presents in her stories that there is a lot of trauma involved when it comes to queer Muslims. While sharing her story, she hopes that people see that it also involves a lot of joy as well. She has covered a range of topics ranging from Muslim dating apps, to fashion trends to the rise of Islamophobia in the United States, as a journalist.

Published Texts:

2019 – We Have Always Been There

Awards and Acknowledgements:

We Have Always Been Here was the winner of the 2020 edition of Canada Reads (in which actress Amanda Brugel, defended it)

We Have Always Been Here was long-listed for the RBC Taylor Prize

At the 32nd Lambda Literary Awards, We Have Always Been won a Lambda Literary Award for Lesbian Memoir or Biography.

Samra Habib’s writing has appeared in the Advocate, New York Times, Mail and Globe.

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