Shobha Nihalani

Author: Shobha Nihalani

Profile: Shobha Nihalani has worked previously as a bookkeeper, freelance journalist, salesperson, English teacher and copywriter. She is born in Goa, India. She resides with her family currently in Hong Kong. She visits India often.

Karmic Blues, her debut novel was translated and published in Denmark. She has authored The Silent Monument. The screenplay for Squad has been co-written by her recently with Director, Nilesh Sahay. Karmic Blues, her debut novel was published in 2008 in Danish by DC-Edition, through it was written in English, originally.

Writing style: Shobha Nihalani is the author of thriller and adventure novels.

Published Texts:

2012 – The Silent Monument

2014 – Nine trilogy: Vengeance of the Warrior Book

2015 – Unresolved: A Psychological thriller

2015 – Nine Book Three: The Rise of the Kalingan ebook

2017 – Dada Vaswani: A Life In Spirituality (a biography of a spiritual leader and humanitarian – Dada Vaswani)

Trikon – (A medical sci-fi thriller)

The Blue Jade

Karmic Blues

A Gift from Above – a memoir (journey of Haresh and Harini’s journey in Adoption)

Awards and Acknowledgements:

An interesting story about the historical artifacts falling into the wrong hands is brought forth by the author in, The Blue Jade, her latest novel. The thriller adventure in the murky black-market art world is set against the historical backdrop of Mirabi, the legendary princess-saint.

A unique interpretation of the Unknown Nine legend, is her NINE trilogy. Certain members of the Unknown Nine are revealed to be as women in her interpretation, unlike the original legend. Events of the past and future events are weaved together in the Nine trilogy to reveal how humanity has been guided towards its destiny, by the Nine.

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