Special Exits by Joyce Farmer

Title: Special Exits

Author: Joyce Farmer

Context: Special Exits (2010) is a graphic novel by Joyce Farmer. Declining relationship of the author’s parents with one another and with their daughter and their health has been chronicled by the author in his memoir. The novel is about how they cope with emotional fragility in their day-to-day lives which in their lives, is the most difficult and taxing time.

Synopsis: Rachel and Lars, the elderly parents of the Joyce Farmer have enjoyed a long and married life together. The story set in southern Los Angeles. Both parents, the ailing Lars and blind Rachel are confined in their homes without power, during the Rodney King Riots in 1992. The author has lovingly detailed props and backgrounds in the graphic novel. While conveying the inexorable and slow health decline in Rachel and Lars, the story captures peevishness as their bodies break down, their affectionate quarrel, their humor, the story also captures the timbre of the exchanges between both of them most perfectly.

The graphic novel deals with the harsh reality of looking after aging loved ones, most gracefully, in a way which most people dealing with a similar experience may find comfort in it. Through creative visual metaphors and in her citations of careless treatment of old people in nursing homes, the author, Joyce Farmer definitely makes her voice known. Readers who have not experienced the same are sure to find lots to admire in the good humor and bravery of the aged parents. Joyce Farmer has worked really hard on the autobiographical story of the final years of her old parents for more than a decade. She published the graphic novel in the year 2010.

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