Success of the October Revolution

Success of the October Revolution

Success of the October Revolution

A brief

Success of the October Revolution – Provisional government was in total disarray by November 1917 and Bolsheviks with the financial help from Germany had grown up as an effective organisation. Their propaganda was excellent and this brought in a lot of supporters. They also commanded a private army (Red Guards) by then. Lenin the leader of the Bolshevik party was unstoppable and the Provisional Government could do nothing against his moves when he came to take over. The November Revolution was less of a revolution and more of a coup d’état.

Eventful October Revolution

The Russians were following the Julian calendar and this was around thirteen days behind the Georgian calendar. So the revolution that took place in March was called February Revolution and the revolution in November was called as the October revolution.

  • On November 6th the Red Guards took charge of the telephone exchanges and the bridges.
  • On November 7th the Red Guards took control over the banks, the railways stations and the government offices.
  • The Red Guards cruiser Aurora bombed the Winter Palace
  • On the same night the Red Guards took command of the Winter Palace and arrested the leaders of the Provisional Government.
  • On November 8th Lenin announced the formation of the new Communist Government under his leadership.

Success of the Bolshevik Revolution 

  • The main reason for the success of the Bolshevik Revolution is because the Provisional Government was disliked by the people and it was a weak government. So when the Provisional Government was attacked by the Bolsheviks there was nobody to protect it.
  • The Bolshevik party had very powerful slogans like “Peace, Bread, Land” and “All Power to the Soviets”. Other opposition parties reiterated that they could never provide their assurances. The arguments made by them were too complex for the common people to comprehend. This gave more support from the people to the Bolsheviks.
  • Bolsheviks had their own propaganda process which included the newspaper Pravda (‘Truth’) and through these mediums they could convey their ideas across to the common people.
  • Lenin wanted to take Russia out of the war and the Germans, who knew this, financed the Bolsheviks. Bolsheviks used this money wisely to support their and publicity and promotional campaigns.
  • Lenin was an excellent revolutionary leader with a tough will power. He was merciless and a brilliant orator and an excellent planner. His only aim was to take-over the government and Bolshevik party was very well commanded.
  • The Red Guards, the private Bolshevik army were a dedicated bunch of professionals committed to the revolution and they were very well trained and controlled by Leon Trotsky. It is believed that without Trotsky Bolsheviks would not have gained the military supremacy to triumph quite easily.
  • Bolsheviks on the whole were organised bunch of revolutionaries led by Lenin and other Bolsheviks leaders. The central committee of the Bolsheviks controlled by Lenin and other leaders sent orders to the Soviets and they gave orders to the factories.

With the support of the common people who trusted the Bolsheviks the membership rose to 2 million in about 3 months. Bolsheviks commanded total compliance and respect from their members unlike the Provisional Government, and this helped the Bolsheviks to bring out well-disciplined members who did only what the leaders wanted.

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