Sukanya Venkatraghavan

Author: Sukanya Venkatraghavan

Profile: Sukanya Venkatraghavan is an Indian writer of fantasy novels. When she was a film journalist in Mumbai she had her very first brush with fantasy. She covered the daunting and glamorous world of Bollywood with publications like Marie Claire and Filmfare. Her best-selling fantasy novel is her debut work Dark Things is a nice gripping story. The novel is a collection of fourteen stories written by 14 women writers. Stories written by the writers unravel in a world where everything and anything is a possibility.

The novel is one in which women writers narrate their stories the way they want it and the way they should be told. The life of women should be celebrated with new stories, thus recasting long-familiar stores and tropes, retelling, reclaiming and re-contextualizing in unknown ways and telling new ones in a way that they feel simply right. Her novel, Dark Things is an anthology of tales of female writers who span across the past, present and future, and in the process re-examining old notions.

She is also the editor of a fantasy, feminist anthology, called Magical Women. Her career in film journalism began with Filmfare. She is also the entertainment editor at Marie Claire. Sukanya has been a part of the research and scripting team for shows like Design HQ Season 2 (Fox Life), Look Who’s Talking with Niranjan (Zee Café) and Koffee with Karan (Season 6). She resides in Mumbai and is working on her second book, currently. Dark Things is so far her debut book making her one of the finest fantasy writers’ to look out for.

Writing style: Sukanya Venkatraghavan’s genre is fantasy fiction.

Published Texts:

2016 – Dark Things

Awards and Acknowledgements:

2016 – Dark Things her first novel was the Most Memorable Books of 2016 of India, on Amazon.