Swatantraveer Savarkar

In the fight for freedom against the British, there have been a number of brave and courageous freedom revolutionaries and fighters, out of which one of the most prominent ones is Swatantraveer Savarkar.

He can be termed as born rebel as he organized the Vanarsena, or the Monkey Brigade or the gang of kids at the tender age of eleven. He wanted everyone to become physically strong just like him to face any man made or natural disaster. Savarkar completed college education in a Pune college and was responsible in founding the Abhivnav Bharat Society. Around Nashik in Maharashtra he conducted mountaineering, swimming and hiking tours. He put up themes on nationalism during various festive occasions.

Role In Politics

Veer Savarkar is the first Indian political leader who fought against the British by burning clothes that were foreign made. He is considered a legend in India. He dared to set Bharat’s goal, the Absolute Political Independence. He also organized a revolutionary movement for India’s freedom at the global level. Since he strived for the independence of India, he is the first graduate whose graduation degree was withdrawn by a Bharatiya University. In the history of the British rule, he is the first political prisoner the world over who had been sentenced two times to life imprisonment.


He put in a lot of efforts to make the Hindus the most powerful all over the globe. Due to his influence, India was known to be a Hindu country. However a lot of politics of the self destructive kind was played by Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi and they showed a lot of indifference towards the Hindu people while favoring the non Hindus. Like all Hindus, Savarkar was a thorough humanitarian. Muslims in the country were advised in the same kind of warmth and affection as he advised the Hindus. He advised people to free themselves from fanaticism and start believing that being human is the true caste only.

He put in a lot of effort to teach people that humanity was the main religion, that God is the only true kind and the Earth is the only true nation. He urged the Muslims also to follow such principle, be science oriented with the changes taking place in time and also to act sensibly. Nobody else was able to advise the Muslim people in such a better way than him. However, he found that Muslims found it difficult to make India their motherland. So, through his writings, he propagated a policy called ‘Tit for Tat’ against the Muslims by providing advice to the Hindus.

Unique Place In The Freedom Struggle

Veer Savarkar has a unique place in the struggle for independent India. According to him if the revolt was armed and strong, then only it would be easy for India to gain freedom from the British. For words like ‘parliament’, ‘photography’ and ‘telephone’, he was responsible in coining a number of Indian words. He was also responsible for uncovering the facts behind the Sepoy Mutiny.

One heroic incident associated with him is when he wanted to escape the British authorities and he jumped off ‘Moria’ a ship at sea and sailed to Marseilles.

As far as nationalism is concerned, he was a serious leader. He has also helped in designing the first national flag of India which was unfurled by Madam Bhikaji Cama, at Stuttgart in Germany, at the World Socialist Conference. With regard to Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination by Nathuram Godse, he got drawn into a controversy. He passed away in 1966.