John Donne

Author: John Donne Profile: John Donne was an English poet, priest, secretary, soldier, scholar and lawyer. He was born in London, England to a Catholic family but later, very reluctantly became a cleric in a Church of England. He rose to the status of Dean of St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. He completed his education ... Read More

Analysis of The Bait by John Donne

The Bait John Donne was known as metaphysical poet who lived in the late 16th century and early 17th century. Many scholars believe that his poems were not just metaphysical alone but his works reflected the changing trends in his life. So there were satires and love poetry during his youthful days and religious sermons ... Read More

Analysis of The Apparition by John Donne

The Apparition: John Donne was an intellectual poet. He scorned the conventional poetic images and dramatic realism. For a century after his death he was ignored but after that especially from the first half of the 20th he became popular and many English poets considered Donne as their idol. One can say his poems were ... Read More

Analysis of ‘The Canonization’, by John Donne

The Canonization John Donne, whose birth year is not known, was a poet who grew popular with each century. While he was alive he could not publish his poems but his manuscripts were very popular. In the 18th century Donne’s works were disregarded as critics thought he was a genius but a little eccentric. From ... Read More
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