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Function of ApostropheFunction of Apostrophe

Function of Apostrophe: The Apostrophe has two functions; one is to mark possession and the other is to indicate omission. So when we talk about ‘the tail of the monkey’ we say it as ‘monkey’s tail’. For nouns ending with ‘s’ in their plural form, the apostrophe should not be

Function of SemicolonFunction of Semicolon

Function of Semicolon: The function of the semicolon is to separate two major sentence elements which are known as main clauses. There is a pause like the comma but the break is stronger than a comma. It is almost the end of an idea but when it is followed by

Function of CommaFunction of Comma

Function of Comma: Comma is a punctuation mark used in sentences mainly to separate the parts of the sentences. It is a tool that aids the reader to read better, without misreading the meaning intended. Comma is used to separate a list of three or more things. It used to

Function of the Full StopFunction of the Full Stop

Function of the Full Stop: Sentences are building blocks which make sense and when they come to an end, a ‘full stop’ is used.  Full stop is also known as ‘full point’ in Commonwealth English speaking nations and ‘period’ in North America. It is also used in abbreviations and in