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The Afghan Civil WarThe Afghan Civil War

Afghan Civil War started after the Soviet Union withdrew from Afghanistan and it left the Afghan communist government to protect themselves from the Mujahideen. The phase of the war was in between 1989 to 1992. Even though the government fell in 1992 the civil war continued and there was large

Sanctions by the UNSanctions by the UN

Sanctions by the UN Some think the let-down of UN peacekeeping and peace enforcement in the 1990s caused an improved dependence on sanctions. This can be viewed as a procedure of forced negotiation and which signifies a negative form of action that can be used for both discouraging and compelling.

UN PeacekeepingUN Peacekeeping

UN peacekeeping has undergone a procedure of progression from simpler safeguard type forces forced between hostile forces to support a cease-fire to more intricate multidimensional kinds of operations that may include the peace-building of failed states. The ONUC, United Nations Operations in the Congo is typical case where the peace

Rwanda and SrebrenicaRwanda and Srebrenica

Rwanda and Srebrenica: While examining the evolution of UN peacekeeping two cases stand out. Out of the more than fifty cases since 1945 these two cases calls for special attention and that is the genocide that happened in Rwanda in 1994 and the brutal killing of about eight thousand Bosnian