Ten Books for The Little Ones

Top 10 Books For Toddlers (2-6)

1. We’ve All Got Bellybuttons!

Writer: By David Martin

Ten Books for The Little Ones – The book contains actions of little animals and their families which help children understand the various wonderful ways of moving their bodies. Descriptions of how ears can be pulled, hands can be clapped, feet can be kicked like zebras and belly buttons can be used for tickling etc are made in the book to keep young children attracted.

2. Come Along, Daisy!

Writer: Jane Simmons

Daisy, a playful duck, is warned by the mother, not to get distracted and remain close to her in the pond. To jump on there are lilies and fireflies to chase. Daisy heeds to the words of her mother when she hears scary noises suddenly. Children are sure to enjoy the duck’s adventures.

3. One Leaf Rides The Wind

Writer: Celeste Davidson Mannis

The story book reveals tranquility and pleasure with lush illustrations about a Japanese garden. Simple to follow, around 11 poems are presented in the book to discover the fun of haiku.

Ten Books for The Little Ones

4. What Is Your Language?

Writer: Debra Leventhal

This is a multicultural book filled with language and music notes. The story goes about a very young traveler who travels through countries, meets other children and at every stop learns to say ‘no’ and ‘yes’. Children are able to conveniently learn to say ‘yes’ in various languages.

5. My First Chinese New Year

Writer: By Karen Katz

This story book is a colorful and fun way of introducing young readers to the Chinese New Year which is the time of new beginnings. A little girl learns how to experience the festivities and welcoming of the New Year. Introduction is lively and warm which will encourage every young child want to celebrate the tradition of the Chinese New Year.

6. Biscuit Visits The Petting Zoo

Writer: Alyssa Satin Capucilli

The story is about Biscuit who has an exciting day at the petting zoo. In this touch and feel, fun filled adventure, the reader gets to learn about different kinds of animals which can be kept as pets.

7. Way Down Deep In The Deep Blue Sea

Writer: Jan Peck

The story book is about how deep the blue sea is and how there is lots to find way down deep. It is for brave young readers to follow the story teller and explore the deep blue sea. 8. My Rows And Piles Of Coins

Ten Books for The Little Ones

Writer: Tololwa M. Mollel

Saruni wants a blue and red bicycle for which he is saving his precious coins. He empties his secret money box and arranges the coins in rows and piles. Lots of wonderful things are available in the market. If he buys the bicycle he can help his mother carry heavy loads. However since he hasn’t saved enough, he cannot buy the bicycle and feels disappointed. Generosity and determination are the themes of this satisfying story. 9. Ma Dear’s Aprons (Anne Schwartz Books)

Writer: By Patricia C. Mckissack

By just looking at the snappy fresh and clean apron of his Dear Ma, Little David Earl is able to tell what day of the week it is. For each day she wears a different color. On Monday she wears a blue apron for scrubbing and washing clothes, on Tuesday she wears a sunshine yellow apron to brighten her spirits and iron clothes, and so on. If in case she does not wear an apron then it is special time or no work time.

10. Dog’s Colorful Day: A Messy Story About Colors And Counting (Picture Puffins)

Writer: Emma Dodd

At the beginning of the day, the dog has a black spot on the ear. However, when he goes out he trots and rolls into colors and roams around the town. He gets pink ice cream color, blue pain, red jam color and more totaling to ten colors on his body. Its bath time for the dog in the story, and learning numbers and colors just becomes messy but lots of fun for the children.