Teratoid Heights by Mat Brinkman

Title: Teratoid Heights

Author: Mat Brinkman

Context: Teratoid Heights is a graphic novel presenting different species found in the tide location’s cave-riddled terrain in the most realistically way by Mat Brinkman, an electronic musician and artist. With great thoroughness and care he depicts their lifestyles down to the finest detailed patterns of their behavior. Teratoid Heights and its residents, both are completely fictional.


The defining mood and spirit of modern suburban America is tapped into by Mat Brinkman in the graphic novel Teratoid Heights. Through reddened eyes of a teenager addled with marijuana, Brinkman presents the book with a sort of mixture of video-inspired syncopations, J.R.R. Toldein-style adventure and an never-ending bombardment of cable-television nature films all of which is filtered through. No matter what age the reader is, Teratoid Heights reveals levels of humanity and humor.

The wordless, stories in black-and-white in the graphic novel, follow a range of creepy creatures, while making their way through dungeon like environments which are carefully delineated, triumphing and losing, dying and living all along the way. The author proves that while presenting travel through a physical environment as video games or films, comics can definitely be as thrilling and as adept.

The 228 paged, Teratoid Heights, in hardcover with bronze-ink embossed cover has been published by Highwater Books in 2000. Teratoid Heights is one of the most influential works of Mat Brinkman. He is qualified as the most influential underground comic artist of the past two decades, by many of the critics.

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