Terese Svoboda

Author Profile:   Terese Svoboda is an American poet, novelist, short story writer, memoirist, critic, librettist, biographer, translator and videomaker.

Name: Terese Svoboda


2006 – Tin God

2008 – Black glasses like Clark Kent

2011 – Bohemian Girl

2016 – Anything that Burns You: A Portrait of Lola Ridge, Radical Poet

2019 – Great American Desert

Background: Terese Svoboda was born in 1950 in Nebraska, United States. She is 70 years old. Terese Svoboda grew up in Nebraska, went to local schools and completed matriculation at Manhattanville College, the University of Nebraska, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Oxford University, Stanford University and the University of Colorado. She completed her graduation with a B.F.A in creative writing and studio art, from the University of British Columbia. She was awarded an M.F.A by Columbia University.

Terese Svoboda’s husband is Stephen Medaris Bull, a high-tech inventor. She has 3 children and resides in New York City.

Genre: Terese Svoboda addresses dire subjects with humour in her work. Fabulism interests her and she uses lyrical languages, mainly as a poet writing prose.

Literary Contributions: Terese Svoboda has been awarded the Guggenheim Fellowship for Creative Arts, US & Canada. She has won many awards for her 14 video works which are distributed across the world.

Terese Svoboda has been honoured once as McGee Professor at Davidson College and Distinguished Visiting Professor at the University of Hawaii. She founded a scholarship for Nuer high school students in Nebraska after translating songs of the Nuer people of the South Sudan on a PEN/Columbia Fellowship.

Unique Stylistic Features: Her work surprisingly spans across the breadth of subject matter and continents including mermaids, ghosts, pirates, conquistadors, pirates to American veterans (Black Glasses Like Clark Kent) and a young woman looking for self self-discovey and cattle herders on the Nile (Bohemian Girl).

Terese Svoboda has authored five novels, five poetry collections, a book of translation, a memoir, a novella and stories. She is writer of the libretto which was premiered in 2005 at RedCat at L.A. Disney Hall.

Very often being an ardent unconventional feminist, she writes about women in the Midwest she writes in a sophisticated, exotic and heartbreaking way. Settings in addition are provided by her travels to South Sudan and South Pacific for the Smithsonian’s Anthropology Film Archive. In her memoir, she uses Postwar Japan as her location, regarding executions of U.S. servicemen by authorities in US.

Her forthcoming books are, When the Next Big War Blows Down the Valley: Poems Selected and New (Anhinga Press, 2015) and Radical Poet Lola Ridge (Schaffner Press 2015).

Currently she is writing a novel concerning an Irish girl who in the 1960s emigrates to America when the Irish were called as ‘white niggers’. Presently she teaches fiction at the Centre for Fiction in New York City and also holds visiting teaching appointments at various colleges and universities.

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