The Armed Garden and Other Stories by David B

Title: The Armed Garden and Other Stories

Author: David B.

Context: The Armed Garden and Other Stories is a humorous, literate and absorbing collection of stories in which the author David Beauchard, gives complete rein with magic, history and gods to his fascination not to mention the grand conflicts. All of his work is based on historical legends and facts and delineated in a two-color, stylized and striking format. The unique black-and-white style, David uses in his work was influenced by Jacques Tardi and Georges Pichard, among many others.

Synopsis: The graphic novel set in the 15th century talks about the story of a bloody war for a Paradise on Earth.  Adam and Eve meet a humble blacksmith named Rohan in Prague. They both request him to lead his followers. The mission accordingly is termed as ‘Adamites’.  Soon they have to fight with the John Zizka led ‘Taborites’ called the Paradise-seekers.

Pinnacle of the author’s work is, The Armed Garden which blends the true history of Muslim and Christian cults and schismatics with myths and legends they spoke about their own selves. Any reader who wants to get a better understanding about the messianic drives behind political and illogical movements from ISIS to MAGA must read this collection of three fantasy, fiction, fact based powerful comics.

In the novel is a humble Persian fabric dyer who becomes a great leader and prophet. His followers want to stop him and defeat seven armies within a span of twelve months. His followers begin a search for Paradise, which results in bloodshed, when both Adam and Eve visit the lowly blacksmith.

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