The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory – The Big Bang theory is an explanation about things that occurred at the time when the universe came into existence. A lot of discoveries have been made in physics and astronomy which indicated that the universe did have a beginning; that is beyond any kind of reasonable doubt. Studies indicate that before the universe came into existence, nothing existed. However, during and after that beginning, the universe existed. The explanation about things that happened during that beginning and after it is ‘The Big Bang Theory’.

When Did It Happen

It was around 13.7 billion years ago that that the universe came into being as ‘singularity’, as per the standard theory. What exactly are ‘singularities’? The understanding of physics is defied currently by particular zones which are termed as singularities. The understanding is that ‘Black holes’ have a core, and it is here that the singularities exist.

The Big Bang Theory

The pressure of gravity is very intense at those areas of black holes. In fact the pressure is so high that any kind of finite substance gets squished into infinite density. Actually the mind can get boggled with such a concept in mathematics. It is the scientific belief that the universe came into existence as an infinitely hot, infinitely small and infinitely dense or in other words, as a singularity. No one knows where this singularity came from and the reason for its appearance.

The Big Bang – Process

Once the singularity appeared, it inflated in a process called ‘The Big Bang’. After it had expanded, it cooled in a process from very small to extremely hot and later to a huge size and then which became the temperature of the universe in which is currently seen. Till this day, it is believed that the universe continues the expansion and cooling process and humans are inside this universe.

On this unique planet called earth, incredible creatures are found living while the earth circles a beautiful looking star which is clustered with other stars amounting to several hundred billion within the galaxy. The galaxy which is present in the inside of the expanding universe soars through the entire cosmos. So the universe saw its beginning as an infinitesimal singularity which came into existence from absolutely nowhere and for reasons that are still not known yet.

What Are The Misconceptions About The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory is surrounded by a number of misconceptions. It is the imagination of a lot of people, that the big bang is nothing but a big explosion. However, according to the experts, there wasn’t any kind of explosion. In fact, there had been an expansion which continues to be. It is just as if a balloon had popped up, it released its contents and began expanding. In other words a balloon that was infinitesimally small first started expanding and reached the size of the current universe we live in.

According to another misconception, the singularity has been considered as a small fireball which had appeared in space, at some location. Before the Big Bang, there wasn’t any space existing, according to a number of experts. With respect to the notions of time, the three astrophysicists from Britain began paying attention, especially during the late 1960s and the early years of the 1970s when men walked upon the moon, the very first time. They paid attention to the Theory of Relativity as well as its implications, with respect to the notions of time.

They published papers in the year 1968 and then later in the year 1970 in which the Theory of General Relativity of Albert Einstein was extended to include measurements of space and time. The calculations made indicated that space and time had an infinite beginning which in turn corresponded to the origin of energy and matter. Calculations made also indicated that space came into existence inside of the singularity, as per the prior understanding that singularity did not appear in space. The findings were that before the existence of singularity, energy, matter, nor time, did not exist. In fact nothing existed before singularity.

The query was in what was it in which singularity appeared and where did it appear, if it did not appear in space. No one is able to find out this. All that everyone knows is that we are inside of this singularity and at one given point of time in the past, nor did this singularity exist, and neither did people. No one knows where the singularity arrived from, the reason for it being here and where it could be.

The Big Bang Theory – Major Evidences In Support

There are a number of major theories to support the Big Bang Theory.

• The first thing that people are reasonably sure about is that, there was a beginning for the universe.

• Secondly it appears that the galaxies move away at speeds that are proportionate to their distance which is termed as the ‘Hubble’s Law’. This law which was discovered in the year 1929 has been named after Edwin Hubble (1889-1953) who was the discoverer of the Hubble phenomenon. Expansion of the universe was supported by this particular observation which also suggested that the universe was once upon a time, compacted.

• Another, major evidence in support of the model of origins of the Big Bang Theory is that, Helium and Hydrogen the two elements of light are found in abundance in the universe.

• Another major evidence considered is that if in the beginning, the universe was extremely hot as suggested by the Big Bang Theory then some of this heat’s remnants, should be found still.

According to discoveries made by Robert Wilson and Arno Penzias, the two radio-astronomers in the year 1965, there pervades a CMB – Cosmic Microwave Background radiation at a 2.725 degree Kelvin (-454.765 degree Fahrenheit, -270.425 degree Celsius), in the observable universe. Scientists had been looking out for some remnant and this CMB radiation is considered to be the remnant. This discovery helped Wilson and Penzias win the Nobel Prize in the year 1978.

Does The Big Bang Theory Disapprove God

The Big Bang Theory is basically a science theory. Observations are also being explained by a number of other ranges of models as well. There is no effort made by this theory to disapprove God or God’s existence. It is only the religious people who would want to ponder upon the spiritual question.

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