The Book of Genesis Illustrated by Robert Crumb

Title: The Book of Genesis

Author: Illustrated by Robert Crumb

Context: Robert Crumb, the American cartoonist has illustrated the comic book, The Book of Genesis. The 224 paged comic book, professes to be a literal, faithful illustration of the Book of Genesis. Sociopolitical context is eliminated in the book by the cartoonist making his comic book very controversial over the years. Ancient women and men are portrayed in the book showing their survival struggle. Main interest of the Robert Crumb is chronicling the mental and physical experience of being human.

Synopsis: The Book of Genesis reached at the number one position in the New York Times graphic novel bestseller list as well as at on the Christian books list. It’s a straightforward book with outright strangeness, with sex explicitly depicted but not gratuitous. The author states that that he every word of the original text has been faithfully reproduced by him. The warning ‘Adult Supervision Recommended for Minors’, features on the covering of the book. Robert Crumb holed himself in the hut of a shepherd in the south of France, where he lives along with his family. Aline his wife would get baskets of food for him, while he wrote this book. He took over four years to complete the The Book of Genesis.

Described in the text itself are explicit illustrations of sexual intercourse which have been particularly controversial in The Book of Genesis. Though Crumb is well known for depicting sex most explicitly, the surprising thing is that he has maintained tamer depictions of sex. On October 19, 2009, W. W. Norton & Company published the book.

Stills from classic Hollywood movies have been used in the sets and clothing in the book as there has been much of documentation to be done about the way people lived and dressed in ancient Mesopotamia.

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