Title : The Book Thief

Author : Markus Zusak

Context : The Book Thief (2005) is a story set during the 1930s in Germany. The country, Nazi Germany is holding its breath during the year 1939. Death couldn’t have been busier in 1939 and in the coming time.

Synopsis : Liesel’s father is a Communist and has been taken away. Her mother has deserted her and left her with her foster parents. She leaves for a dismal town in Southern Germany. While finding various ways of coping with her losses, she has a tendency to keep fighting with boys, is troublesome in school and most importantly she turns into a thief.

The life of Liesel Meminger changes when she sits by the side of her little brother’s grave and picks an object which is hidden partly inside the snow. By accident, The Gravedigger’s Handbook has been left behind. This is the very first act of stealing anything. This is the time when her love affair with words and books starts. Liesel learns to read, by taking assistance of her accordion-playing foster father. She soon finds herself stealing books from just about anywhere she can find them, be it the library of the mayor’s wife, books burned by the Nazis etc. The times are dangerous. Her world is both opened up and closed down when a Jew is hidden by her foster family, in the basement. The award-winning author has crafted writings in the novel most superbly and with greatest intensity. One of the most enduring stories of our time has been given by Markus Zusak, an award-winning author.

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