The Bourbon Thief By Tiffany Reisz

Title: The Bourbon Thief

Author: Tiffany Reisz

Context: The Bourbon Thief is a historical fiction novel set during the 1900s, in the United States. In the novel, one night, Cooper McQueen wakes up from a night after spending time with a beautiful stranger and finds out that he has been robbed.

Synopsis: The 150-year-old mystery bears family scandal, revenge and betrayal. Cooper McQueen when he wakes up finds that a million-dollar bottle of Bourbon is the only thing that has been stolen. Paris is that mysterious woman and the thief who steals the bottle but professes that the bottle is legitimately hers. The label on the bottle itself states that it is the Maddox family’s property, after all. The Red Thread Bourbon distillery was owned and operated by the Maddox family since the last days of the Civil War. After a period of time, for reasons unknown, the company went out of business, excluding the beautiful stranger, Paris.

On one occasion, in the wee hours of a Louisville morning, she unveils the sensational story of the heiress to the distillery, Tamara Maddox which went on to become an empire. However the family tree has borne rotten fruit and is rooted in tarnished soil. Even though the family is a legacy of power and wealth, but it is also of sins of omission, secrets and sin. The Maddox family is known to have blood in their bourbon and bourbon in their blood. The secret remains about reasons why Paris desires to own the bottle of Red Thread. At last, the truth about her identity is revealed. Tamara had vowed a century old vengeance against her family which can be completed finally.

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