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The Cambridge Programme


Cambridge IGCSE curriculum : The Cambridge Programmes is available for all classes and it caters to the innate aptitudes of each and brings out the best in them, truly it is excellence for all. There are two levels of in this programme called Lower level and Cambridge IGCSE curriculumthe Higher level. Lower level children study Cambridge IGCSE and the Higher level prepare for the Cambridge International AS and the A subjects. The mission of the programme is to give quality education for all across the globe. Students going through this programme will be successful and perform well in life. As it is a part of the University of Cambridge, a lot of time and money is invested in educational research which is them implemented in the classrooms worldwide.

Cambridge IGCSE curriculum

Cambridge IGCSE curriculum is available for children from age 5 but generally Cambridge Lower level students study the Cambridge IGCSE programme in class 9 and many continue up to class 12. Those who want and capable of advanced studies move to Cambridge International AS level in grade 11 and go through the Cambridge International A level in grade12. Cambridge programme is for children aged 5 to children aged 19 and is rightly called excellence for all. Apart from being a programme available for all, the programme also is well structured and yet flexible, once again proving that all can do it and excel.

Some Key Aspects of the Programme

  • The course is graded in such a way that each unit gives knowledge to the student, helps him understand , makes him apply his knowledge and finally makes him skilled.
  • Generic skills are also developed like reflections on individual learning, problem solving, communication skills and critical thinking.
  • The programme looks into a wide range of students and anybody can fit into its curriculum.
  • Students can choose and study from a range of subjects at different levels.
  • The teachers are given full support by way of training, professional development and teacher resources.
  • Schools taking up the programme can get this and more support from Cambridge.
  • The added support comes in the form of training conferences where the subject contents, strategies, teaching methods and creating lesson plans are taught. Assessment is also given due attention and many past papers are reviewed.
  • The training is either face-to-face or online training.
  • The accreditation of the teacher’s course is done after the training is completed and this can be done in few days. This accreditation assures teachers that teachers understand how to conduct the Cambridge programme and assess the coursework.
  • Specific subject training is also given under this programme for the teachers

Cambridge programme is a well thought one, where the teachers are empowered first and then it is passed on to the children. Learning becomes very interesting and fruitful. What is learnt is learnt for life and the joy of learning is kept alive all through. The very purpose of any educational programme is to make students excited learners and that the Cambridge programme assures that children of any capacity will be learners for life.