Title : The Dovekeepers

Author : Alice Hoffman

Context : The Dovekeepers is a historical fiction novel about an iconic and tragic event set in Ancient Israel. The story in the novel is about 4 extraordinarily sensuous, resourceful and bold women each of whom has arrived by a different path to the Masada Mountain.

Synopsis : Around 2000 years ago, nearly 900 Jews were held on a mountain, Masada in the Judean desert for months, against the armies of the Romans. Josephus, an ancient historian has recorded that the survivors were only five children and two women.

The four bold women who have arrived at the Masada Mountain are Yael, Revka, Aziza and Shirah. Yael’s mother lost her life at childbirth itself, the death of which her expert assassin father never forgave her for. Revka, wife of a village baker had watched the Roman soldiers kill her daughter; she brings her young grandsons to Masada who after witnessing the murder, were rendered mute. A warrior’s daughter Aziza was raised as an expert marksman, fearless lad who finds passion with a fellow soldier. The fourth woman is Shirah born in Alexandria, who is highly knowledgeable in ancient medicine and magic. Shirah is a woman with supernatural power and insight. It is during the distressful days of the war, that the lives of the four fiercely independent and complex women intersect.

All the women are termed as ‘The Dovekeepers’ the one who are retaining secrets about themselves, like from where they have arrived from, who they are, who has fathered them and who they are in love with.

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