The Fair Fight By Anna Freeman

Title: The Fair Fight

Author: Anna Freeman

Context: The Fair Fight is a historical novel set in England during the 1800s. The story is about Ruth, who is born in a brothel. Her future looks bleak till she catches the eye of a rich merchant named Mr. Dryer who is a boxing enthusiast in Bristol. The novel takes the reader from a filthy brothel to the best town houses, from the world of street-fighters to the world of champions. It’s an intoxicating and raucous story of reinvention, courage and fighting the way to the top.

Synopsis: Beyond abuse, Ruth expects nothing much for herself. She has a beautiful looking sister who is able to afford comfort to a certain degree. However Ruth has no choice but to set herself on the path of drudgery, due to her harsh looks till she comes in contact with George Dryer, the pugilist patron. After the gutsy Ruth is trained by him as puglist, soon she rules the blood-splattered sawdust at the unpopular Hatchet Inn. On meeting George she comes across her true calling. In the prize rings of Bristol, she indulges in bare knuckled fighting.

Charlotte, born in Manor bears a completely different cross. Charlotte, Dryer’s wife, is a grieving orphan lives in the shadows. Dryer ignores her constantly so she indulges in dangerous mind games with her brother. She and her spendthrift brother is trapped in twisted power games, smallpox has scarred her and her romantic and social options have smothered her, so she looks for an escape desperately.

Ruth gets sidelined after a life-changing, disastrous fight. After the fight, Dryer focuses on training Tom, her husband. When the two women finally meet, they realize that their notions of each other were wrong. Ruth pushes the delicate Charlotte to enter into the fighting ring herself and learn that her power lies in her own strength. Before Tom’s Championship fight, tension mounts greatly. Consequences are electrifying when the two worlds collide.

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