Title: The Game of Kings

Author: Dorothy Dunnett

Context: The Game of Kings is a historical fiction novel by Dorothy Dunnett, set in Scotland in the 1500s. The tale is of a nobleman, murderer and traitor named Francis Crawford of Lymond, who returns to Scotland to rescue his home and save his reputation.

Synopsis: An English invasion has humiliated Scotland in the year 1547. Even if Scotland has been intimidated by conspiracies beyond its borders, elsewhere, it still continues to be free. Francis Crawford of Lymond is the irresistible antihero is a man, accused of treason and is responsible in helping Scotland gain freedom, paradoxically.

Francis is the infamous youngest son of a well-liked and wealthy Borders family. He is a scapegrace nobleman possessing the erudition of a scholar, with murderous talents, elastic morals, crooked felicities and whose tongue is as wicked as a rapier sword weapon. The novel is about an extraordinary antihero who goes back to his country, which has outlawed him to save his reputations even if it costs him his life.

After spending years in exile he returns to Scotland. His homecoming is not expected and sport on sets off all kinds of personal and political betrayals. The most significant thing is that this dissolute, witty and high-handed adventurer is not like what he seems. The novel becomes most interesting in the gap between the general perception of him as a dangerous villain and the contradicting clues all through, making the experience for readers very interesting.

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