Title: The General of the Dead Army

Author: Ismail Kadare

Original language: Albanian

Translation(s): 37 languages

Context: The General of the Dead Army (2003) is a translated novel by Ismail Kadare. This is one of the most critically acclaimed novels of the author. The story is about an Italian general with a chaplain accompanying him. He is charged with an expedition of scouring Albania where he looks for bones of their deprived people of the country whose lives were taken 2 decades earlier during World War II.

Synopsis: Around 2 decades of the World War II, during the early 1960, an Italian general accompanied by an Italian army colonel who is also a priest, are ordered to go to Albania. The army colonel has to identify and gather the bones of his countrymen who lost their lives during the war. After this he has to return back to Italy and bury them. Accordingly both of them reach Albania and begin organizing disinterment and digs at the same time pondering over the vastness of this task.

The priest and army colonel discuss about how meaningless the endeavor had been and how futile the war had proved to be. As they delve deeper into the countryside area of Albania they discover that another general is following them and is looking for bodies of dead German soldiers who lost their lives in World War II. Just like his Italian counterpart he struggles with the task of looking for bodies to be taken for burial back home. He too has questions regarding the importance of such actions related to national pride.


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