The God Of Small Things By Arundhati Roy

Title: The God of Small Things

Author: Arundhati Roy

Context : The God of Small Things (1997) is a historical fiction debut novel set in India during the 1960s. The story about the twins Rahel and Estahppen, is set in Kerala State, India in the year 1969. Their experiences in childhood as fraternal twins and how the ‘Love Laws’ destroy their lives with the laws laying down rules about who how much one should be loved and who should be loved. Arundhati Roy, the Indian writer presents this modern classic novel with equal parts of piercing political drama, a forbidden love story and powerful saga of a family.

Synopsis : Amidst demonstrations of Marxist workers, stranded on the highway is a Plymouth in sky blue color and with chrome tailfins. The tale is about Rahel and Estha, the seven year old twins. Esthappen and Rahel, the two-egg twins are inside the car and it is from here that their story begins. When Sophie, their beautiful young English cousin arrives, their world is irrevocably shaken. They learn that Things Can Change In a Day. This arrival will end up in a number of things including intentional and accidental tragedies, illicit liaison in the process exposing ‘big things that lurk unsaid’ in a nation which is moving towards unrest, dangerously.

The God of Small Things in an award-winning, unnerving, lyrical and lush landmark initiating an esteemed career of political commentary and fiction for the author which continues incessantly.

The twins armed with just the invincible innocence a child has, they initiate a childhood for themselves with Ammu, their beautiful mother, Mammachi their blind grandmother, Chacko their beloved uncle, Baby Kochamma their enemy and the ghost of an imperial entomologist’s moth having uncommon thick dorsal tufts.

They learn that lives can twist into ugly shapes, new shapes and even end forever beside their ‘graygreen’ river with trees, sky, fish in it and a broken yellow moon in it at night. The novel takes on everything on the Big Themes, including Hope, Love, Infinite Joy and Madness.

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