The Gods of Tango by Carolina De Robertis

Title: The Gods of Tango

Author: Carolina De Robertis

Context: The Gods of Tango (2015) is a historical fiction novel by Carolina De Robertis set in Argentina in the early 1900s. The Gods of Tango is a novel erotically charged tale of passion, music and the search for an authentic life against all kinds of odds, by the seventeen year old Leda.

Synopsis: The story is about Leda, a seventeen year old who in the year 1913 leaves her village in Italy in search for a new husband and new home in Argentina. She arrives in Buenos Aires with just a suitcase and the cherished violin of her father. On arriving in Buenos Aires she is shocked to learn that her husband, for whom she has travelled far crossing the ocean, has passed away. On finding out that he has been killed she starts residing without any family or friends in a tenement.

Leda is on the verge of destitution and cannot return back to her home, alone. She finds herself seduced by the dance, Tango. Every aspect of the life she lives in Buenos Aires, the new city, is underlined by the Tango dance.

Leda realizes a fact that as a woman, she can never play in public, so she decides to disguise herself into a young man and becomes a part of a troupe of musicians. She is now exposed to the scandalous, illicit world of cabarets and brothels. Gradually her disguise starts blurring and for the very first time, her long kept forbidden longings are realized.

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