The House Of The Spirits : Allende, Isabel

The House Of The Spirits

The House Of The Spirits

Author: Allende, Isabel

Timeline : Allende, Isabel was born on 2nd August 1942 at Lima, Peru. She now lives in the US.


The novel revolves round the story of the Trueba family living in Chile. Esteban Trueba is married to a young woman Clara del Valle, pThe House Of The Spiritsossessing supernatural abilities and who is able to communicate with the spirit world easily.  Twin sons and Blanca, a daughter is born to them. Esteban also has an illegitimate son, born of a peasant woman working on his family estate. Many years later his illegitimate grandson who is also a secret police member tortures a political prisoner, Alba, who is Esteban’s granddaughter.

The ambitious Esteban becomes senator of the country and opposes reform efforts of the left-wing. In the meanwhile Alba is born out of an affair between an idealistic peasant boy and Esteban’s daughter, Blanca. The young farmer boy later becomes a Socialist movement leader and popular songwriter. After the short-lived victory of the leftists, a military coup deposes the elected government. Alba, engaged to a leftist leader is later arrested and tortured and her release is secured by her grandfather. A century of violent changes, secrets, struggles and passions of the Trueba family culminate in a crisis and bring the tyrannical and proud patriarch besides the granddaughter to opposite sides of the barricades. ‘The House of Spirits’ is about the enduring, complex and private bonds of hatred and love in the family against a backdrop of and revolution and counter revolution.