The King Must Die by Mary Renault

Title : The King Must Die

Author : Mary Renault

Context : The King Must Die is a historical fiction novel by Mary Renault set in Ancient Greece. The well known historical novelist, Mary Renault takes Theseus the legendary hero and spins his saga into an exciting and fast-paced tale, in this innovative and ambitious narrative.

Synopsis : The author begins with the early years of Thesues, presenting the mystery of the identity of his father and how the insecurities breed his small stature and stimulate his youthful horsing around.

While Theseus, gradually proceeds to Athens, Eleusis and Crete his fondness and playfulness for pranks evolves into the courage. The singular daring feats he tried reminded him of the leadership and gallantry he was popularly known for on the battle field. He has matured into bold-hearted ingenuity he displays in navigating the maze and killing the Minotaur.

Of all her novel, The King Must Die is the most inventive novels of Ancient Greece. Theseus is cast in a wonderfully original pose; teasing the flawed human out of the bronze hero. The author has very beautifully drawn the believable and feasible out of the fantastic. People of ancient Greece have been presented with their strangeness; challenging values, sure-footed, discerning, piquing curiosity and leading through an unknown landscape that delights and moves the reader.

The tale follows adventures of Theseus from Troizen to Eleusis where death in the title of the book is to occur and from Athens to Crete where he studies how to jump bull and is awarded the title – King of the Victims. The novel is not only a daring act of imagination but is also impregnated richly with the spirit of its time.

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