The League and border disputes in the 1920s

The League and border disputes in the 1920s

Area of conflict Problem in the area What did the League do? Level of success

Vilna 1920






The capital of the new Lithuania contained many Poles. It used to be part of Poland.


In 1920 Polish troops simply took control of the city.

The League protested, but Poland did nothing.

LoN could have sent in troops but Britain and France were not prepared to.

The LoN did nothing, and Poland kept Vilna








Upper Silesia





Upper Silesia was an industrial area on border between Poland and Germany.


Both countries wanted to control it.

1920 Plebiscite to decide on which country to join. Brit. and Fre. troops oversaw elections.


LoN divided Upper Silesia according to the vote and built safeguards to prevent future problems.






Aaland Islands






Both Sweden and Finland wanted control of the Aaland Islands, and nearly went to war with each other.


Sweden and Finland appealed to the LoN.


The LoN decided the islands should go to Finland. Sweden accepted, and war was avoided.






Corfu 1923





Italian Tellini was killed, and Mussolini blamed the Greek government.


Italy bombarded Corfu. Greece appealed to the LoN for help.

The Council condemned Italy, and ordered Greece to pay compensation to Italy, via the LoN.

Mussolini had the ruling changed, and Greece paid Italy directly.





Bulgaria 1925

Greek troops invaded Bulgaria. Bulgaria appealed to the LoN for assistance. LoN condemned Greece. Greece pulled out and paid compensation to Bulgaria.

Greece unhappy at double standards of the LoN.





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