The Light Between Oceans by M.L. Stedman

Title : The Light Between Oceans

Author : M.L. Stedman

Context : The Light Between Oceans (2012) is a historical fiction novel set in Australia in the 1900s. This beautifully written and mesmerizing novel sweeps the reader into a story about characters who are extraordinarily compelling and looking for their North Star in a world where justice for one means tragic loss for another. They fail to difficult to find the correct answer.

Synopsis : The story is about Tom Sherbourne who returns back to Australia after spending four harrowing years on the Western Front. On returning he gets a job on an isolated island, Janus Rock as the lighthouse keeper, a journey which takes around half a day from the coast. A supply boat arrives at the island, just once a season. Tom gets his loving and bold wife, Isabel to the island. Isabel has been a grieving woman after one stillbirth and two miscarriages. Now after many years, she hears the cries of a baby on the wind. The cries are of a living baby washed up the onshore, in a boat. In the boat is also a dead man along with the baby.

Tom is a man of principles and has been accustomed to maintaining records meticulously, as he has withstood a horrible war. Accordingly he feels that it is morally correct to report about the infant and the dead man, as soon as possible. However, Isabel insists and feels that the baby is God’s gift to her. Against her husband’s judgement, they both claim the baby as if their own and name her Lucy. After Lucy turns two years old, Isabel and Tom take her and go back to the island.

On reaching the mainland they come to realize that in the world, there are other people too. One of them gets devastated with the choice they had made.

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