The Little Prince Antoine de Saint Exupery 1943 – 300 French

Title: The Little Prince

Author: Antoine de Saint Exupéry

Original language: French

Translation(s): 300 languages

Context: The Little Prince (1943) is a translated novel by Antoine de Saint Exupéry. It is a fable and modern classic tale about a child prince who travels the world to attain wisdom. The theme of the fable is that one can see rightly only with the heart, that grownups are mainly narrow-minded while children gain wisdom through exploration and open-mindedness.

Synopsis: The narrator is a man who is of the understanding that when he was a small child, adults lack understanding and imagination. On growing up he is a pilot and crash lands in a desert. Here he meets a small boy whom he calls as a little prince. The narrator is of the belief that the boy has come from a small planet, an asteroid B-612. In the following days the prince pulls out baobab seedlings so that they do not grow and cover up his house, his tiny planet. He prince falls deeply in love with the anthropomorphic rose growing on his planet. However he leaves when he cant handle her demands and vanity any more.

The prince then travels across a number of asteroids encountering a king who seeks obedience, a conceited man who seeks flattery from the prince, a drunkard who feels ashamed of his drinking, a businessman who owns the stars and feels the importance of knowing exactly how many are there, and a lamplighter whose job is to light the lamp on a fast spinning planet every evening and put it off in the morning.

He also meets a geographer who recommends the prince to visit Earth. The prince meets a snake on earth who tells him people lack roots. Then in a rose garden he finds that his she is not the unique one in the world. He develops ties with the fox he meets and decided to be a source of joy to each other and remain unique.

Six years later the narrator finds the body of the prince missing, which meant that the prince has gone back to his planet. The narrator lastly requests the readers to inform him whereabouts the prince, lest they find him.

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