The Red Tent by Anita Diamant

Title: The Red Tent

Author: Anita Diamant

Context: The Red Tent (1997) is a historical fiction novel by Anita Diamant set in ancient Middle East. The author imagines the hardships and traditions of womanhood (the world of the red tent) in the ancient times. The author has very well attempted to highlight the world of women where the men fade into the background. It is about the women retiring while experiencing childbirth, illness or menstruation all of which take center stage, in this rich, bold and brilliantly penned novel.

Synopsis: The name of the woman is Dinah, Her names reflects in a violent and brief detour in chapters of the Book of Genesis  in the Bible, which tools of Jacob her father and his twelve sons.

Anita tells the story in Dinah’s voice. It starts with the tale of four mothers named Bilhal, Zilpah, Rachel and Leah who are married to Jacob. All of them have affection for Dinah and offer her gifts etc. in a way supporting her all through her younger days, a calling to a new place to live in a foreign land as well as midwifery. This story of the author reaches out from an exceptional period of history during the ancient times, in the process creating a close connection with the past.

The novel, The Red Tent gives a completely new observation of the lives of women during the biblical times. It is a combination of valuable achievement with enriched story telling in modern day fiction.

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