The Storm by Arif Anwar

Title: The Storm

Author: Arif Anwar

Context: The Storm is a historical fiction debut novel by Arif Anwar set in Bangladesh during the 1900s. The novel presents the many different ways in which families can show love and affection, betray, honor and also make sacrifices for each other.

Synopsis: The tale is about Shahryar who has recently done his PhD and is father of Anna, a nine-year old. When his Visa expires, he has to leave the United States. The history of Shahryar is learnt during his remaining last weeks with his daughter. A poor fisherman and his wife in a small village on the Bay of Bengal are getting ready to face a storm of historic proportions.

That tale converges with the three, a British doctor who is stationed during the World War II in Burma, a Japanese pilot and an affluent couple in Calcutta who leave all that they have behind and shift to East Pakistan after the partition of India. The novel takes inspiration from the Bhola cyclone in 1970 in which almost half a million people lost their lives overnight. The storm itself is the structure impersonated in this riveting novel, The Storm.

The Storm thus builds to a series of mimicked and moving climaxes. In a very seamless way, five love stories are interwoven together, that document six decades of the history of Bangladesh. Arif Anwar’s novel, The Storm indeed is fantastically imaginative and grounded in history.

Other works of the Author:

  • Has worked previously for one of the largest non-governmental organizations of the world BRAC on issues related to poverty alleviation.
  • Has worked for UNICEF Myanmar on public health issues
  • He is a Malaysian professional footballer. He plays for Malaysia Club Kuala Lumpur as a forward, in the Malaysia U-23 and Malaysia Super League
  • He has signed a contract with Petaling Jaya Rangers on 20th November 2017

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