The Top 10 Books For Teenagers – Fiction – Novels

Reading can be a lot of fun for teenagers and can make them smarter than they already are. When there are so many interesting novels and books on fiction available, there is no need to get stuck on anything boring.

1. Divergent
Writer: Veronica Roth
The story is about Beatrice who renames herself Tris before the appointed day of the year when as a 16 year old she has to select a faction and devote the rest of her life in the dystopian world in Chicago. She can’t make a final decision of being who she is really and staying with the family and hence cannot enjoy both. Hence a surprising choice is made by her. She gets herself renamed and lives out the choice her fellow initiates have made. Her secret might be helpful in saving all those she loves or it could even destroy her.
This is a completely unique, exciting and thrilling novel to read. Any Katniss fan is sure to feel pleased reading this book.

2.The Fault In Our Stars

Writer : John Green

Description: The book is a truly incredible one about two teenagers who work for a group for supporting cancer. Hazel the character in the novel is a teenager suffering from a cancerous tumor and knows that she is terminally ill. At a cancer group meeting she meets Augustus Water suddenly, and she starts to see her life in new light and the story of Hazel gets rewritten completely.

Review: The work of the author is raw, irreverent, bold and insightful yet is a brilliant one exploring the tragic, thrilling and funny business of being in love and alive. The story is smart, funny and deals with not only first love but universal issues like living life to the fullest each day.

3.The Book Thief

Writer: Marcus Zusak


The story is about a girl named Liesel Meminger who tries to survive by stealing for existence. She finds that she cannot resist books. She takes help from her foster father who plays the accordion, learns reading and shares the books she stole with neighbors when there were bombing raids. She shares her books with a Jewish man who is found hiding in her basement during the bombing after which he is marched to Dachau.

The story is an unforgettable one about being able to read books and in the process helps in feeding the soul. It is a super captivating, suspenseful and touching novel to read.

4. The Lord Of The Flies
Writer: William Golding
The story is about a group of young boys being stuck on a desert Island after a plane crash. The boys get absolutely crazy on the island. The story has been set during the time of war. The boys marooned on the island descend in a behavioral mould that is pre civilized while the adults are engaged in the outside world full time. A British naval officer rescues the boys in the end.
Even though this book is old school, it is worth applying to present life. Readers get an idea of the consequences of a plane crashing on a desert island.

5. The Truth About Forever
Writer: Sarah Dessen
The story is of Macy who is devastated by her father’s death. She isolates herself from friends, devotes time to her boyfriend who she thinks is perfect and to get things right again she makes herself perfect too. She puts her relations with him on hold when he leaves for camp takes up a catering job. Her mother keeps her away from her friends as she does not approve of them. After summer Jason her boyfriend is back. Whether she leads the life she is dreaming of is to be read in the novel.
The book is truly amazing, easy to read, enjoyable and addictive. There are a lot of moments in the novel that keeps the reader smiling from one ear to the other. The novel has a perfect end.

6. Thirteen Reasons Why
Writer: Jay Asher
The story is a heartbreaking one of a teen. This teen finds cassettes that contain details of why the classmate does not want to live and wants to end his life. Any person who has experienced dark days will surely find something in this story that resonates with each of them.
These days there are a lot of suicides being committed by teens and a lot of bullying faced by them. Through this book the readers get to know how important it is to be of support to fellow teens.
7. The Shiver Trilogy
Writer: Maggie Stiefvater
The book is a trilogy about a girl Grace who falls in love with a boy wolf named Sam who is sweet as ever. He runs as a wolf in a pack in winter and talks and walks like a human during summer. Grace has never ever dreamt of falling in love with a wolf. She had spent many years watching wolves behind her house in the woods. The story is about how Sam and Grace stay together. Life is alarming, enticing, euphoric and harrowing for both and Cole a new wolf who refuses to be a human and embraces a wolf’s life.
The story keeps the readers hooked on till the end. There couldn’t be another franchise that contained werewolves and as different and good as the ones in this story.
8. The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time
Writer: Mark Haddon
The story is about a boy Christopher Boone who tries to find out what was the reason behind the death of a dog in the neighborhood. The boy who lives in Swindon with his father and pet rat, Toby knows about all the countries across the world their capitals and prime numbers up to 7507. He thinks he can become an astronaut. He becomes an amateur detective after he discovers that his neighbor’s dog has been murdered.
This is a book is a complete page turner and is based on a good mystery. The book is both for older children and adults both. It operates on several levels even with its simplicity and clarity. It’s a brilliant book for teenagers to read.
9. To Kill A Mockingbird

Writer: Harper Lee

The story is about Scout, a young girl who tries to find out her stranger neighbor’s secrets. It is also about the childhood of Jem in Alabama, how their innocence shakes, how they learn about nature of humans and their character gets shaped with the series of events. Through a page turning story, not only racism but other prejudices are examined by the writer in a wonderful southern voice.

There are a number of hard truths, race issues and various other serious themes related to growing up in the story. A number of unexpected twists in the story surely keep the readers drawn in. This book is an American classic that must be read.
10. The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

Writer: Stephen Chbosky


The book is of a kid from high school who tries to make new friends and also navigates. Charlie a smart misfit who tries to learn to participate in life after his friend commits suicide. He is introduced to partying by older friends after he befriends them. At the same time, his friends respect Charlie’s sensitivity. Charlie talks about friends, family and complicated feelings about growing up in the letters he wrote. He has a longtime crush who makes him aware that he needs to learn to be present in his own life and not put the life of everyone else ahead of him, every time.

Language used in the book is extremely beautiful and the reader is able to relate well. Readers are bound to feel sorry and worry for the protagonist all though his journey towards transformation. Content is mature and parents can read the book along with their teens to help them with questions of any kind.

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