The Voyeurs by Gabrielle Bell

Title: The Voyeurs

Author: Gabrielle Bell

Context: The Voyeurs is a honest and fun read spanning across continents, decisions in life, and relationships by Gabrielle Bell, one of the most mature writers and sincere voices of her literary generation. Bell even if she is a recluse in a crowd she studies loneliness of different kinds with the kind of singular interest many people set aside for tasks that are more pleasant.

Synopsis: The graphic novel The Voyeurs, is a real-time narrative of a tumultuous life of the well known diarist, filmmaker and cartoonist, Gabrielle Bell. Episodes right from Lucky – her award winning series in which she travels all over the United States, Tokyo, the South of France and Paris however remains hitched with Brooklyn, her beloved where helpmate Tony offers offbeat humour, ongoing insight and long lasting friendship. Bell, with her mastery of the exquisite detail, offers a welcome peephole into the lives of people.

While she watches the other people living their lives she also sees herself watching them, her pen kind of becomes a sort of laser, lighting up the surface diversions of the world. Later she sears them away thus disclosing a deeper reality which is too beautiful and too painful to bear.

In The Voyeurs the author tries to explain her life in the best way possible through the collection of short comics, in an anxious blend of occasionally fantasy and mostly fact reflecting her thought process of analyzing things herself. The jittery, chunky black lines she presents give the author as well as her associates a sense of weight that carries over into the seriousness of their emotions.

Other works by the author:

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