Things Fall Apart : Achebe Chinua

Things Fall Apart

Things Fall Apart

Author : Achebe, Chinua

Achebe Chinua was born on 16th November 1930 in Ogidi, Anambra, Nigeria. He died on 21st March 2013, at Boston, Massachusetts, United States.

A respected leader of the Igbo people in the Umuofia tribe, Okonkwo has fears of becoming like his cowardly and lazy father. He puts in attempts all through his life, not to become like his father. He begins building good reputation, a home, becomes a hard working farmer and precocious wrestler right from an early age. Through his crops he becomes rich and marries three women. Once an accidental murder takes place in his village which shakesThings Fall Apart him up and in the process he adopts a small boy names Ikemefuna from another village. He loves this boy more than Nwoye, his own natural son, but the people in Umofia decide that Ikemefuna must be sacrificed in the forest. Okonkwo participates in the slaughtering of Ikemefuna, shows no emotion as he wants to be strong unlike his father, though he does feel regret and guilt. In the process of becoming emotionless and tough he distances himself from Nwoye, his own son.

Later Okonkwo is exiled to Mbanta his homeland for 7 years for accidentally killing a boy. Christian missionaries arrive in his village forcing more Igbo people to convert to Christianity. When Nwoye converts to Christianity, Okonkwo disowns his son. A war takes place between the Igbo people and Christians, in which Okonkwo kills a Christian messenger. Angered and devastated that his clan will not fight the white missionaries, Okonkwo kills himself by hanging.

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